An Apple Watch App for Doctors

The Patient is in watch app notifies the doctor when a patient is ready to be treated with a discrete vibration felt on her wrist and allows her to provide an estimated time of arrival to see the patient. When the doctor has completed her assignment, she can notify the charge nurse that she has completed the assignment with a tap of a button or with Siri. The doctor may also decline the assignment if she is unable to attend.

Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular: Patient assignments on the go

The Patient is in watch app supports the cellular capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 3 ensuring that the doctor can receive and respond to patient assignments:


Notifications and Alerts

The charge nurse uses the iPad app to send a patient assignment to the doctor consisting of

  • The name of the room in which the patient is waiting
  • Important notes about the patient such as if he has elevated vital signs

and the watch app will alert the doctor with

  • A popup notification
  • A discrete vibration felt on her wrist
  • An optional, audible sound

Glanceable Information

Since the doctor may receive a new notification while she is treating another patient, the Patient is in watch app uses haptic feedback in the form of a silent vibration to alert her that a new notification was received from the charge nurse. The Patient is in watch app will display the new room name and abbreviated notes directly on the watch face affording the doctor a quick glance without disrupting her current patient’s treatment.

The following screen shots show how the app supports complications to implement glanceable information:




Actionable Information

When the doctor is able to respond to the assignment, the Patient is in watch app allows the following:

  • Review any patient notes provided by the charge nurse by tapping on the name of the room
  • Inform the charge nurse of the estimated time of arrival
  • Decline the assignment
  • Inform the charge nurse that the assignment is complete

The following screen shots show how the doctor uses the Patient is in watch app. First, a discrete vibration is felt on her wrist, optionally with a sound. A popup alert is also displayed and allows the doctor to quickly respond directly from the notification:


If the doctor is busy and misses the notification, she can access it by swiping down from the watch face. This will display all of her missed notifications as seen in this screen shot:



With a tap on the notification, the Patient is in watch app is launched and visually displays the assignment allowing the doctor to quickly accept the assignment and provide an estimated time of arrival or decline the assignment. A timer displays how long has it been since the charge nurse sent the assignment. The doctor may tap the room name to review the patient notes and start an FaceTime audio call with the charge nurse if she needs clarification. Finally, when the doctor has completed the assignment, she can notify the charge nurse that she is done with a tap of a button as seen in the following screen shots:



If the doctor prefers, she can use Siri to perform theses tasks.

Siri support on Apple Watch

Using Siri, doctors can converse with the charge nurse to respond to patient assignments using the following phrases:

  • “Hey Siri, send a Patient message saying I’ll go to Exam Room 1 in 15 minutes”
  • “Hey Siri, send a Patient message saying I’ve completed my assignment in Recovery Room 2”
  • “Hey Siri, send a Patient message saying I cannot go to Operating Room 3”

And the following screen shots show the doctor using Siri to acknowledge a patient assignment and then notify the charge nurse that she has completed the assignment:


Click her for more information about creating a voice interface with Siri in the Patient is in.

Click here for more information about integrating Siri with an AI engine to reduce patient wait times in the Patient is in.

Audio and Video Conference Calls

Enhancing the convenience of mobile conference calls with advanced presence and geolocation rules, Apple’s FaceTime is deeply integrated throughout the app allowing doctors to initiate FaceTime calls directly from the watch app. Work-only FaceTime addresses may be defined in the iOS app to protect the privacy of personal FaceTime addresses and to support on-call doctors and other shift-based staff members.

To start an audio FaceTime call with another doctor, nurse, or charge nurse who is working today, the doctor use a Force Touch gesture on list of patient assignments which pops up a menu and then taps on the “Today’s Users” button. This is seen in the following screen shots:




The doctor may also initiate a FaceTime audio call to the charge nurse who sent the patient assignment when clarification about the patient assignment is needed. By tapping on the patient assignment room name, the doctor has access to the patient notes and the option to begin a FaceTime audio call as seen in this screen shot:


Support for low-vision and blind therapists

The Patient is in provides access to patient assignments and updates, all of which have been designed to support low-vision and blind therapists. For example, VoiceOver is comprehensively supported as well as Siri for voice access and FaceTime for audio conferencing with both the charge nurse as well as other available staff members as seen in following screen shots:



Click here to learn more about the accessibility features of the Patient is in and why the app supports blind therapists.


A video of the Patient is in app for Apple Watch

The following video shows the Patient is in in action on Apple Watch:


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