An iPhone App for Doctors

The Patient is in iPhone app notifies the doctor when a patient is ready to be treated allowing her to provide an estimated time of arrival to see the patient. When the doctor has completed her assignment, she can notify the charge nurse that she has completed the assignment with a tap of a button or with Siri. The doctor may also decline the assignment if she is unable to attend.

Notifications and Alerts

The charge nurse uses the iPad app to send a patient assignment to the doctor consisting of two pieces of information:

  • The name of the room in which the patient is waiting
  • Important notes about the patient such as if he has elevated vital signs,  or perhaps that the patient is ready for discharge

and the iPhone app will alert the doctor with

  • A popup notification will be displayed on the iPhone as seen in these screen shots:
    If the doctor is not wearing her Apple Watch, she can quickly respond to the patient assignment directly from the iPhone notification providing her estimated time of arrival

    If the charge nurse has assigned the doctor to a Skype for Business conference call, she can start the call directly from the notification

And the iPhone app provides a dashboard displaying the doctor’s assignments and because many doctors do not have easy access to tech support staff, the iPhone app displays diagnostic information to solve common configuration problems such as the iPhone’s WiFi connection to the real time peer-to-peer network; iCloud status for redundant and offsite message delivery; Apple Watch connection status if available; iOS app permissions for notifications, location, and Siri; and the status of Guided Access which allows the Doctor to lock the app into the foreground and prevents access to other apps or manually turning off the iPhone. This feature allows the app to run at peak performance to ensure that the patient assignments from the charge nurse and doctor responses are delivered near instantaneously.

Doctors may respond to assignments from the dashboard as seen in this video of joining a Skype for Business conference call directly from the app dashboard:



and more generally in the following screen shots:

The dashboard displays patient assignments and their status
When an item in the assignment list is tapped, the doctor can provide her estimated time of arrival to attend or decline the assignment
When an item in the assignment list is tapped, the doctor can provide notify the charge nurse that she has completed the assignment
If the doctor needs clarification about the assignment, she may place a FaceTime call directly from the dashboard to the charge nurse who sent the assignment. The app manages the FaceTime information providing flexibility and privacy. A business address rather than a personal FaceTime address may be used which is best for shift-based, on-call doctors.

The iPhone app provides a list of today’s doctor and allows instant FaceTime calls to be placed.

Today’s staff is listed and their availability to receive FaceTime calls. Tap to instantly connect via FaceTime.

Siri support and a voice interface

The Patient is in apps for the iPhone and Apple Watch provide a voice interface through its integration with Siri. When used with AirPods, the doctor can have a truly wireless experience. In the following screen shot, the doctor used Siri to notify the charge nurse that she has completed her assignment in Exam Room 2:



Click here to learn more about the Patient is in Siri support on both the iPhone and Apple Watch.

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