Siri integration for a voice interface

The Patient is in apps are integrated with Siri on both the iPhone and Apple Watch to provide a voice interface for messaging.

Conversations with the charge nurse using Siri on the iPhone: “Hey Siri, read my Patient messages” allows the doctor to hear her patient assignments and “Hey Siri, send a Patient message saying I’ll go to Therapy Room 2 in 10 minutes” allows the doctor to respond to assignments from either her Apple Watch or iPhone with an estimated time of arrival. Notice of assignment completion is supported from both the Apple Watch and iPhone with “Hey Siri, send a Patient message saying I’ve completed my assignment in Recovery Room 2”.

All of these statements are processed by the Patient is in natural language processing (NLP) engine fixing homophones (“Exam Room 2″ vsexam room to” vsexam room too” vsexam room two”) and other linguistic and transcription impediments to create a structured message upon which the charge nurse’s iPad app can visually display and drive real world processes such as cleaning the room so that the next patient’s wait time is significantly reduced.

For a truly hands-free experience on the iPhone, the doctor needs only to use AirPods or another bluetooth headset and use the phrase “Read my Patient messages” after activating Siri either with a double tap on either AirPod or with the “Hey Siri” trigger phrase.

And then the doctor may respond to the assignment using the phrases: “Hey Siri, send a Patient message…” as seen in these Apple Watch screen shot:


and on the iPhone as seen in this screen shot we see the natural language processing (NLP) engine of the Patient is in fixing homophones (“Exam Room 2″ was transcribed by Siri as exam room to” ) and other linguistic and transcription impediments to understand the doctor’s intent:


To ensure the best experience, the internal NLP engine used in the Patient is in apps has been optimized for Siri in a medical environment.

The following are some sample phrases which the doctor may use with Siri on both the iPhone, Apple Watch, and HomePod:

  • Send a Patient message saying I’ll go to Exam Room 1 in 15 minutes
  • Send a Patient message saying I’ve completed my assignment in Recovery Room 2
  • Send a Patient message saying I cannot go to Exam Room 2

Exclusive to the iPhone and HomePod, the doctor may ask Siri the following:

  • Read my Patient messages
  • What are my messages on Patient?

Understanding the AI integration with Siri

Click below to learn more about the technology powering the integration with Siri:

Videos of using Siri with the Patient is in app

In the following HomePod video, a group of anesthesiologists use Siri to respond to patient assignments:

In the following iPhone video, the doctor uses Siri to listen to her patient assignments:


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