Accessibility and Blind Therapists

Support for low-vision and blind therapists

The Patient is in provides access to patient assignments and updates in 4 ways, all of which have been designed to support low-vision and blind doctors and therapists:

  • The watch app supports VoiceOver and provides a great user experience. Click here for more information about the app for Apple Watch.
  • Patient assignments from the charge nurse can be automatically announced over AirPlay compatible speakers such as Apple’s HomePod. This removes the step in which the user must first access the iPhone notification to find out about the assignment details
  • Conversations with the charge nurse using Siri on the iPhone: “Hey Siri, read my Patient messages” allows the therapist to hear her patient assignments and “Hey Siri, send a Patient message saying I’ll go to Therapy Room 2 in 10 minutes” allows the therapist to respond to assignments from either her Apple Watch or iPhone with estimated time of arrival and notice of assignment completion. Click here for more information about Siri integration with the app.
  • FaceTime support is integrated directly into all of the apps allowing the charge nurse, therapist, and other doctors to instantly connect. This includes initiating a FaceTime audio call directly from the watch app.

An important note about the important role of blind therapists in society of which many of us are unaware: they support our blind children as they start learning about the world and assist them as they transition into adulthood. Blind therapists also help our parents during the transition of age-related macular degeneration. 

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