HomePod and Multi-User Siri in Health Care: It’s how to significantly reduce patient wait times

Since the release of version 2.0 of the Patient is in app, Siri has been supported in both the Patient is in iPhone app and the Patient is in Apple Watch app providing doctors with a voice first user interface. With version 2.5 of the Patient is in, multi-user Siri is now supported on Apple’s HomePod wireless speaker.

Wireless patient announcements with AirPlay speakers

If you deploy an AirPlay-compatible speaker such as Apple’s HomePod on your network, the Patient is in iPad app can wirelessly announce patient assignments. As seen in these screen shots, the charge nurse selects the AirPlay control from the navigation bar:


and a pop up dialog will display available AirPlay-compatible speakers such as the HomePod in the Anesthesiologists’ Lounge and the Apple TV in Dr. Quinn’s office:



Once an AirPlay-compatible speaker is selected as in the above example, then whenever the charge nurse assigns a doctor to treat a patient in a room, the HomePod in the Anesthesiologists’ Lounge will announce the patient assignment. As we will see in the video at the end of this blog post, the charge nurse assigns an anesthesiologist to Recovery Room 1 and the HomePod will announce: “The charge nurse says that the anesthesiologist has an assignment in Recovery Room 1”. And to ensure HIPAA compliance, any patient notes provided by the charge nurse will not be read aloud.

Multi-user Siri and HomePod

Much like on the Patient is in iPhone app, the doctor may use Siri to hear her patient assignments with the phrase: “Hey Siri, read my patient messages” and on both Patient is in apps for iPhone and Apple Watch, the doctor may respond to the patient assignment with “Hey Siri, send a patient message saying I’ll go to the exam room in 10 minutes” or “Hey Siri, send a patient message saying I’ve finished surgery”; now doctors can listen to their assignments on HomePod and respond to the charge nurse with Siri. As we see in this video, the charge nurse assigns the on-duty anesthesiologist to different recovery rooms and different anesthesiologists respond using Siri on the same HomePod:


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