Announcing the Patient is in App Suite: Democratizing Remote Cardiac Care for the World

In support of American Heart Month 2019, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Patient is in app suite. The new app suite is the world’s first integrated set of iOS and Apple Watch apps for remote cardiac care and provides apps for the patient, doctor, and charge nurse. The app suite integrates with Apple’s health platform on iOS and Apple Watch. Patients are now empowered to securely send their Apple Watch ECG reports and other heart data in real-time to their cardiac team.

By leveraging Apple’s health platform, the app suite disrupts the 6 billion dollar remote cardiac care market. Before the introduction of the Patient is in app suite, remote cardiac monitoring was usually a VIP service because of equipment costs, medical personnel, and the complexity of the technologies used in remote patient monitoring. An at-home patient’s cardiac data was sent to a remote monitoring service company because that company owned the medical devices used in remote monitoring. When a doctor wanted to view a patient’s remote cardiac data, he would have to buy a report from the remote monitoring company. The Patient is in app suite is fundamentally different because it empowers the at-home patient to securely send their health data directly to their cardiac team and allows the cardiac team to easily analyze and visualize large amounts of health data.

Through its integration with iOS, Apple’s HealthKit, and the Apple Watch and its ECG functionality; the Patient is in app suite provides the following benefits:

  1. Democratization of remote cardiac care. Now, millions of people in the developing world can have access to cardiac care.
  2. Allows cardiac teams to provide remote cardiac monitoring to all patients regardless of patient location or timezone.
  3. Provides the best telehealth solution for cardiac patients and teams. By deeply integrating with FaceTime, a patient is one-tap away from their cardiac team. And, cardiac team members can collaborate to treat a remote patient.
  4. Doctors can now easily analyze a patient’s historic cardiac data to understand the heart health of a patient over a longer period of time.

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