About the Founder

Zaid Al-Timimi is a technology executive and a former member of the JCP Java Standards Committee and chair of the Object-Relational subcommittee of the ODMG Object Data Consortium.

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About the App

Founded to improve doctor productivity throughout the world, Zaid launched the Patient is in family of apps in September 2016. Working with top doctors in Washington DC, the Patient is in solves the main problem faced by doctors in small medical facilities: reducing patient wait times by improving the communication of doctors and charge nurses through the integration of secure messaging with AI, wearables, virtual assistants, and Internet of Things technologies. With the Q2 2018 release of version 3, the Patient is in now solves the main problem facing hospitals: coordinating surgery teams and providing a global view of patient assignments, rooms, staff, and teams.

For more information about the Patient is in visit: https://www.ThePatientIsIn.com