About the Founder

Zaid Al-Timimi is a technology executive and a former member of the JCP Java Standards Committee and chair of the Object-Relational subcommittee of the ODMG Object Data Consortium. Zaid is a world-class mobile engineer.

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About the App Suite

Founded to improve doctor productivity throughout the world, Zaid launched the Patient is in app suite in September 2016. Working with top doctors in Washington DC, the Patient is in app suite solves the top 3 problems in healthcare:

  1. Reducing patient wait times. Patient wait times is the main problem facing doctors in clinics and small medical offices and it is also the main reason why patients avoid doctor appointments. Many hourly workers perceive it to be too costly to miss work. In fact, 63% of patients say that the most stressful part of a medical appointment is the wait time. This ultimately drains society resources as patients require hospitalization.

    Reducing patient wait times also has a positive financial effect on doctors: a primary care practice that sees just one more patient a day could add $25,000 annually to its bottom line, while a specialty group might experience an increase of $50,000 a year.

    Our iPad app for the charge nurse and the Apple Watch app for the doctor significantly reduce patient wait times by immediately notifying the doctor on her Apple Watch when a patient is ready to be treated and allows the doctor to inform the charge nurse directly from the Apple Watch app that she has completed an assignment. The charge nurse is then able to schedule the cleaning of the treatment room so that the next patient may be expeditiously treated. The doctor app is integrated with Apple’s iBeacon IoT micro-location technology allowing the charge nurse to know the doctor’s on-site location and availability.

  2. Coordinating surgery teams. The main problem facing hospitals is the cost for starting surgery late and its consequence in overtime salaries which reduces the profits for each surgery. In public hospitals in the UK, surgeons are not payed for overtime so they will not start a surgery which may finish after the end of their shift. Consequently, 50% of UK public hospitals operating rooms are idle. Our charge nurse app provides a real-time view of doctor location and availability, hospital rooms, staff, and teams ensuring the real-time coordination of the surgery team.

  3. Enabling next generation care continuity and care coordination services for chronic conditions. Our remote patient monitoring app for cardiac patients democratize cardiac care by providing real-time cardiac telehealth services to anyone in the world and is set to both dramatically enhance and disrupt the 6 billion dollar cardiac monitoring market.

For more information about the Patient is in app suite visit: https://www.ThePatientIsIn.com