About the Founder

Zaid Al-Timimi is a technology executive and a former member of the JCP Java Standards Committee and chair of the Object-Relational subcommittee of the ODMG Object Data Consortium. Zaid is a world-class mobile engineer.

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About the App Suite

Founded to improve doctor productivity throughout the world, Zaid launched the Patient is in app suite in September 2016. Working with top doctors in Washington DC, the Patient is in app suite is set to disrupt the USD 6 billion remote cardiac care market.

The Patient is in app suite provides care continuity and care coordination services for chronic conditions. Through its integration with Apple’s HealthKit and the Health and ECG apps on the iPhone and Apple Watch, the app suite democratizes cardiac care for everyone in the world irrespective of location or timezone by enabling real-time cardiac telehealth services. More specifically, the patient app provides the following features:

  1. Care Continuity and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Traditionally, remote patient monitoring requires the at-home cardiac patient to contract with a third party monitoring service and rent one or more heart monitoring device. Periodically, the remote monitoring company will create a high-level report and sell it to the patient’s doctor. The doctor will then bill the patient’s insurance company for his time, the cost of the report, the cost of the remote monitoring service, and the rental devices. Due to this added cost, insurance companies will only authorize the doctor to review a patient’s cardiac data infrequently and never daily. To enable a cardiac team to continually review your health data, our apps empower the patient to securely transmit his heart data directly to the cardiac team in real-time and connect with them at any time of day or night. Specifically, 
    • Patients can securely stream their live pulse and other heart data in real-time to their cardiac team.
    • Patients can securely send their historical heart data to their cardiac team so that the cardiac team may continually review the patient’s condition with updated health data.
    • Patients can securely send their ECG to their cardiac team for immediate review. Whenever the patient determines that an ECG review is needed, the patient app can send both the ECG report and the last 24 hours of contextual cardiac data directly to the cardiac team. 
  2. Telehealth/Telemedicine Services. Patients may request a FaceTime conference call with the cardiac team. Rather than wait to contact the doctor’s office during regular hours, each cardiac team member using the doctor’s version of the Patient is in app will receive a critical alert containing the FaceTime request. The doctor app provides a “one-tap connect” button allowing any cardiac team member to place a FaceTime call to the patient. The cardiac team is able to use the Group FaceTime capabilities to include other cardiac experts and team members as needed. Likewise, patients should be able to include any of their caregivers on the Group FaceTime call.
  3. Care Coordination. Even if a patient’s condition does not require home-based monitoring, he can securely send his recent cardiac data to his doctor prior to an appointment so that the doctor has adequate time to review the health data since the patient’s last appointment.
  4. Personal Health Data Analysis. Patients can export their cardiac data into a spreadsheet and perform their own analysis with tools such as Microsoft’s Excel, Apple’s Numbers app, and Google’s Sheets.

For more information about the Patient is in app suite visit: https://www.ThePatientIsIn.com

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