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Why Build an App for Blind Therapists?

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day #GAAD #gbla11yday and I am pleased to announce that the “Patient is in” provides the best accessibility features in a real time, HIPAA-compliant messaging app for the Apple Watch and Siri

Accessibility and Blind Therapists

The “Patient is in” app is designed to support low-vision and blind doctors and therapists.

An Apple Watch App for Doctors

The Patient is in watch app notifies the doctor when a patient is ready to be treated with a discrete vibration felt on her wrist and allows her to provide an estimated time of arrival to see the patient. When the doctor has completed her assignment, she… Continue Reading “An Apple Watch App for Doctors”

Siri integration for a voice interface

The Patient is in apps are integrated with Siri on both the iPhone and Apple Watch to provide a voice interface for messaging. Conversations with the charge nurse using Siri on the iPhone: “Hey Siri, read my Patient messages” allows the doctor to hear her patient… Continue Reading “Siri integration for a voice interface”